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Hugs, love, friendship, and musical passion


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Tango Tango Tango

Hello, we are Tango Tango Tango and we invite you to join our diverse community of argentine tango dancers. Ann Arbor has been our tango home for 15 plus years now, our collective story is a beautiful narrative of a growing community, enriched with hugs, love, friendship, and musical passion.

Our Class

Beginner classes: 1-2p (Please see calendar at http://annarbortango.com/) Open Practica: 2-4p. Beginners are encouraged to come see what tango looks and feels like, there you will be informed of when and where the best classes are for you. This is a great opportunity for people skilled in other dances whom will be able to pick up the material faster with better skilled dancers.

Matthew Keating

Matthew Keating

Matthew Keating is who to ask to find tango in Ann Arbor. He has been passionately studying for 6 years under the wings of teachers like Brigitta Winkler, Yelena Sinelnikova, Randy Alan Fisher, Homer & Christina Ladas, and Avik Basu to name a few.

He is a certified yoga instructor, a farmer, and an explorer of movement culture. These have brought him to dabble in skills like aerial silks, contact improv, salsa, bachata, swing, blues, and fusion dancing, giving him a solid understanding of body mechanics and energy communication.