Yin Style Bagua Combatives

Learn how to move and strike with power

Unorthodox attacks for effective self-defense designed to quickly end a fight


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comprehensive training for power, agility and skill. Yin Style Bagua Combatives features kicking, throwing, and grappling techniques which are set up by strikes executed as the practitioner moves around the opponent in a circular fashion.


is to train hardworking individuals to attain proficiency in the martial art of Yin Style Baguazhang. We provide systematic instruction to help you attain the "cold, crisp, and fast" fighting methods of this art.

Scott Berry

Scott Berry

Scott has been teaching Yin Style Bagua in Ann Arbor since 2005 and founded the Phoenix Center for movement arts in 2009.

His classes focus on developing powerful strikes, self-defense application, and improving strength and agility. He frequently travels to China to train with He Jinbao in Beijing.

Scott's Yin Style Bagua classes emphasize developing the mind and body together - equal parts mental and physical. Training combatives with Scott will make you stronger, healthier, and a more skilled fighter. Come try a class!