Lelia Bellydance / Zumba

Ditch the workout, join the party!

An exciting and inspiring class experience

Classes:Bellydance, Zumba

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Bellydance technique class

is for those who wish to understand and learn the dance form. We will break down the basics, do drills, and learn a short level-specific choreography building upon what we've learned from week to week. Students receive one-on-one instruction and guidance on the art of Middle Eastern dance. With this class, participants will learntraditional/ethnic to modern cabaret and "fusion" styles. Find your inner passion and join accomplished bellydancer Sheila "Leilah" for an inspiring experience. No previous dance training is required!

Bellydance fitness

utilizes the movement of Middle Eastern dance to target the core, upper arms, and upper legs. It is a medium intensity workout focusing on strength and toning through bellydance. The program is a follow-the-leader form of movement, without too much emphasis on mastering the dance form. The class playlist is repeated each class every week so that each participant can measure progress against their own best self. You will need a yoga mat for Bellydance Fitness class.

The Zumba® program

fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away. Latin and International music that creates a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system that burns up to 700 calories an hour! Ditch the workout, join the party!

Sheila May

Sheila May

Sheila is an accomplished belly dancer who is driven by an incredible drive for self-expression. Her dancing is often noted for its unique blend of charm and grace. Sheila's love for Latin and International music and her passion for teaching create an exciting and inspiring class experience.

A life-long performing artist, Sheila "Leilah" discovered dance at the age of 20 and has been addicted ever since. She is dedicated to the study, performance, and education of Middle Eastern, South Asian, Latin and various World dance forms. Leilah co-founded Karma and serves as Artistic Director for this Ann Arbor based belly dance troupe. She teaches regular weekly classes where her talent and charm are showcased through her use of energetic music.

Dance is a place where people of all ages and all cultures can share emotion and communicate without the need for a single spoken word. That is a truly special experience and it's one that she hopes to share with many people throughout her lifetime.